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Executive Recruiting

Multiple clients have commented that he has an ability to truly understand the culture of an organization and a community and generate candidates who fit that culture.


Customer Experience Management

City financial growth and corresponding economic development will be highly dependent upon the competitive effectiveness of the city’s Development Services function.


Training & Development

This training program is offered in two half-day formats. One format is aimed at frontline employees: those who deal most directly with customers.

About Chris Hartung

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Chris Hartung is the owner and President of Chris Hartung Consulting, LLC. Chris has over twenty years of public sector consulting experience in the areas of executive search, compensation, classification and other management consulting projects. Chris also has almost 20 years of experience managing in city government, including service as Director of Finance, Assistant City Manager, and City Manager in full service municipalities with populations ranging from 15,000 to 160,000. Mr. Hartung served the City of Garland Texas for ten years, seven as Assistant City Manager, and served as City Manager of Denton, Texas for eight years.

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